COMMUNITY FEEDBACK - Teacher Training and Professional Development

“Some of the classes start with Peter giving us a little music theory, and leading us in making simple rhythms. Other classes start with Deanna Anderson leading us as a group in physical exercise, to the beat of a compelling musical riff that Peter lays down. The sessions continue with Peter directing us in playing increasingly challenging, multi-part rhythm patterns, and incorporating other musical instruments as the class progresses.

Peter does a masterful job of engaging each and every participant. He is continuously building upon (and restating) the objective, which is to make a positive, collaborative connection with each other. He actively solicits feedback from the group and incorporates this feedback into the sessions in a way that makes it even more engaging. Each class in the series builds upon previous musical abilities learned and team collaboration. Without exception, each crew member looks forward to the classes.

For our group here, the hour Peter and Deanna are with us is like a little bit of magic. We have been challenged with some group dynamics issues here, and these sessions have had a very positive influence in helping us work through these issues. ”

Ron Sadler

Director, Stanford University Library
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